Connect the dots between customer feedback
and business decisions

HyperGlue securely transforms the unstructured text in community threads into actionable insights in minutes, without expensive data scientists or engineers.

Backed by the best

Backed by Kobie Fuller at Upfront Ventures
Backed by Michael Siebel at Y Combinator
Backed by Mike Dauber at Amplify Venture Partners
Backed by the Softbank Opportunity Fund
Backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners

Unlock a faster time to insight with natural language analytics

You invest in your customer relationships, setting up Slack and Discord threads, ticketing systems, chats bots and survey tools. We do too! Hyperglue helps you instantly collect analytics on the text data across all of your customer-facing tools, for a complete 360º view of the health of your business and customers.

We offer product and customer success teams:

Low effort integrations with 100+ channels

AI powered metrics and reports

Trends, competitor tracking across channels

Continuously learning ML models

Discover nascent themes

10+ languages supported

15 minutes from integration to insights

After connecting a new data source, Hyperglue automatically starts the ELT process and generates all available natural language reports available for that data source. It's never been easier to securely deploy NLP in an organization.

Dozens of ML reports ready to try

Discover anomalies, monitor key trends, quantify sentiment of each theme. Whatever question you can imagine from your customer data, we probably have a report for that.

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